The PLAYhouse

PLAYhoyuse solar

A gallery in miniature for installations and shows curated by artists and those interested in playing house.

The PLAYhouse was built by the former owner of the large mansion next door for his daughter, Missy. Later in her life she had it lovely restored and reseated on the Carriage House side of the property. Missy was a true South Texas lady. Besides being a painter, and an Indian artifact collector, she received a degree in Biology, and a Masters in Zoology at the University of Texas in Austin. A sports-woman, horse-woman, rancher, golfer as well as a salt and fresh water fisherman, she had an active life and travelled the world before settling down and having three children in San Antonio.

We didn’t know the story of the PLAYhouse, or of Missy, or of her father Sam Kone, when we were looking at buying the property. But after we closed on the sale we found out that she ironically passed away that week.

Missy’s spirit of adventure and mixture of pursuits and interests is what we hope the PLAYhouse will continue to represent.

Eclectic shows and inspiration are welcome. Reach out to us.

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